This musing was written in response to the Central Park massacre.

Massacre and other inflammatory phrases were often heard. Overwhelmed by a great grief is how the majority of us felt on the day of the Monday Massacre.

Many thought even more trees were going to be removed. A note to be placed on the trees to encourage their preservation was requested. This is the note that was written in response to that request.

acorn green

Pictured on this page are photos of a white oak tree and close up of the leaves and acorns of a white oak. The white oak is the Illinois State Tree. It a magnificent commanding tree when it matures, white oaks can live to be several hundred years old, it is usually a little less than a hundred feet tall.

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White Oak

I Need Little From You

but To Be Left Alone

As I have shaded you, I will do the same for your grandchild.  I will be a home for a myriad of living things.  Birds with beautiful songs, animals of many colors, insects to fascinate the young eyes - I will house and feed them.  I need my community to unify into a grove, a copse, or a forest; I cannot stand-alone for long.  Given our diversity, we flourish and provide a haven for all life. We nourish and entertain all young beings.  We are shelter for our own kind and yours. We present an ever-changing landscape a habitat for all things. I can give many things, but I cannot move.  If I am to live I must ask you to adjust for me.  Prune me, trim me, but let me live.  I will be a lasting gift for your grandchildren and for theirs. God who created all things will number our days and judge when our time has ended.  I ask you, who are hastier than my kind, put your faith in the Lord, and let us live together.


Treebeard’s Prophecy

I have lived long among the trees, and know their ways.  I resemble a tree - thick, strong, steadfast, adorned with straggly branches.   I have listened to the trees. I have learned perseverance, tolerance, aspiration, unity, and beauty from their teaching.  If you tear down what is good, steal what is lasting, burn what gives life; your land will be barren, your ground will be infested with thorns and stinging things, having cursed the land you will inherit bitter fruit.

A character created by JRR Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings

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