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ForgottoniaForgottonia holds memories and dreams in the same settings. Tracing the past and planning for the future stroll hand in hand. I sought a date on the grave of one of my family members who had died in the WWI of Battle of Meuse-Argonne. This cemetery provided a quiet moment for me. The moon rose while I was there, before I hurried on to get to my next commitment.

In my search to learn more about Elmer F. Davis (my great-uncle) I became aware of the painting below. Painted to depict a real funeral for a Private William Lewis Davis from Winchester Kansas. Click painting to read about the event, a similar scene occurred at the cemetery pictured above. The lives of the two unrelated Davis' had a striking parallel.

Painting by

The Return of Private Davis from the Argonne

ForgottoniaForgottonia is a place where you can endlessly wander the lonely roads, and never once miss the fast lane. The name Forgottonia captures an image of a region, off the beaten path, which is very true of Western Illinois.

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