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June 20, 2014

Dear Erik

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just email: The Steve

Captain Planet

Captian Planet and the Planeteers

Hi Erik this is Dad:

This week I remembered the time you colored your leaf green and sent it to our President George H. W. Bush. I was remembering your enthusiasm for Captain Planet. I suppose few words hold pending embarrassment more than when your parents say I remember when … You must see an approaching thunderstorm so inevitable you already feel soaked in a downpour of humiliation.


I was very proud of you for making an effort to affect political change.  Ahead of the Rio Earth Summit kids were encouraged to show support for the planet by coloring a leaf and mailing it to the President. You were so sincere in getting this done and put into the mail. You were certain this one act of speaking up for the right thing would be felt. Being older and more jaundiced, weary from wanting and failing at political change. I neither raised your hopes, nor dashed them.  I did explain how corporate power had far more sway than environmental activists. You were disillusioned that the world leaders couldn’t agree to do what was so clearly the right thing.  Yes, you did receive a perfunctory form letter from the White House long after the summit, thanking you for your letter. You were still not impressed; you were more interested in results.


MaTi a Planteer

How could you and all your fellow Planteers not be heard? Was not the future of the planet properly your concern? I do not remember who was your favorite character in Captain Planet, but it should have been Ma-Ti because you have always possessed a great and empathic heart. Captain Planet was shelved for a long time its message too uncomfortable; an inconvenient truth one might say. It created ire from the corporate powers. The villains were often criticized for being too black and white; of course it was a cartoon. I have observed the climate deniers, the corporate funders of PACs set to deny science. All of them motivated by their own self interest. I am amazed at how apparent is their greed.  The health of the world is neglected. Future generations will praise us for every natural habitat we leave. They will curse us for our greed and sinfulness and all that we destroy.  As a young Planeteer you had little power other than your cuteness. Ah yes, you were cute with a long dutch-boy haircut that upset your grandparents because you might be confused for a girl, sorry another memory and rabbit hole.

Erik _Erik Laura

Erik the young & Erik the bearded

Now, that you are tall and hairy, you are not confused for a girl. You are not as cute either. You do have a power you didn’t then. You can vote; you can make a difference. I know people feel voting is like sending a colored green leaf to the White House, but it is not. In this coming election and every one for the rest of your life if you and the fellow Planteers of your generation vote, you will give your children and grandchildren a healthier planet. You will be viewed by history as the saviors of mankind and our Earth. Make your generation a political force; you have the power to begin a political revolution. In the words of the cartoon “The Power is Yours!” 

I know you vote, but you just moved for your new job. Please register and vote in 2014. Start a green leaf coalition by sending one to all your friends (digitally this time). The political earth in DC would shake if you all came out and voted for your own health and welfare.


You and your brother have taught me the potential in your generation. The American dream is not lost but awaits. America awaits your generation gaining the awareness and knowledge to step up and organize. You will usher in the green revolution. Demand facts, science, honesty, then inform people without bias or slant. The Capt. Planet generation will become an amazingly powerful force. I want you to know how proud I am of you. You are dedicated to your students, committed to do the right thing in life.  

No more embarrassing stories, at least today.
Love your Dad
or your own Steve an alias for Sastamojouyn Jebediah -- but that is another memory and rabbit hole.

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