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Henderson Hearsay

Blogging West Central Football

ClicK Here 2013

Alex Bringing the Punch

Alex Davis Knox College

E/B Trojan Many people enjoyed these thoughts on high school football.  

A Most Special Friday Night Opener

Senior year home opener anticipating the possible

A Paler Season

ClicK Here 2007

The year after graduation is it the same


ClicK Here 2008

Football reflections, as I move through life


WPT Reflections

ClicK Here 2009

West Prairie Trail experiment, boondoggle or a sign of the times


The Last Sunny Saturday

ClicK Here 2010

My son takes off his helmet for the last time.

Knoxville vs Knoxville

ClicK Here 2011

Celebrate one week-end, then Jeer the Next

Football Injuries

ClicK Here 2012

Risks, Rewards, and Choices


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