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Rails to Prosperity:

This project could get started in under two years; the technology exists it is designing the best system. A successful system should include these features: fuel efficiency, environmental soundness, constant Internet access for productive travel, short travel times, enhanced security, and convenience. I know our region has all the necessary pieces. I know it is simply a matter of will. The United States used to do projects that were public-private partnerships.  Lincoln was certainly a proponent of such projects. We could make this work for Illinois and Iowa and then continue to sell it to other regions of the country for decades.  The players need to have the gumption and commitment to our future generations to get together and initiate a plan.  Everyone can suggest this approach to another person; some of you reading this know the important players, reach out to build a great legacy.

Interstates Illinois

Interstates Northern Illinois

Highest quality of life in the world

The highest quality of life anywhere in the world is available to us if we have the commitment and confidence. This project adds many opportunities to improve profits for our entire region.  More revenue for the airports, airlines, and carriers, more jobs for our manufacturing and construction sectors, and more people actually able to live here, while commuting to Chicago and its suburbs. It would be possible to attend a performance or sports event in Chicago and be home the same night. Also it opens our Peoria attractions and events to all of the Chicago area.  Just as the railroads in the nineteenth century and Interstate Highways in the 20th century, an integrated transportation system in the 21st century will transform our lives.  An integrated transportation system means links to downtowns and other business centers. It means making travel to a city’s jobs, entertainment, and lodging a safe convenient trip.  It will make living in Peoria and working in Chicago more convenient than doing the same from Downers Grove.

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