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This is the letter I wrote to the Peoria Journal Star that they were kind enough to publish on 3/22/2010.

Please Act Like an Adult:

This is what I would tell my own sons if they acted like Illinois politicians. My sons have always demonstrated great responsibility.  Erik is working in his first job after graduating from college; Alex is a junior in college. It is their future and the future of the coming generations that must be the priority. Americans have always believed in sacrifice for future generations, but the greatest generation seems to have aged into the greediest generation. Irrationality screamed at ear splitting decibels is considered political debate. Even a demonstration of facts is simply dismissed as a political ploy. The Illinois debt crisis is a simple fact.  It must be dealt with now. News Article

I have written my State Senator and State Representative both Republicans. Republicans share a responsibility in our problems although Ex Gov. Blagojevich and Speaker Madigan bear more of the responsibility for our current crisis.

Blago Madigan

The tortured trail of the past does not matter; a roadmap to a fiscally sound future must be agreed upon.

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