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Practical Steps for Elmwood 

Talk is cheap, recovery is not. You may think the Tea Party is the salvation of our nation, or you may be one of those California libruuls. You know the old joke about why California is like a bowl of granola? Whether you are a Libertarian or a Communist there is something we all have in common; we are slow to put our money where are mouths are. We are often quick to put our foot in our mouth, but when it comes to my money well that is a serious debate. If we are to Save the Palace; we need to break it down to something we can do. Something, we will do. I have some suggestions. Those who have read my other writings on this site, were never in doubt that, I would have suggestions.

Allabout Steve

It is not all about Steve, as some of you may think. It is all about the Elmwood community who exist far and wide and across many different times. We are a far flung group connected by nothing more than shared memories of a place. We do however feel a connection; we are motivated to do something to help. We would like someone else to do something, surely some one else can afford to make a large donation.

High Noon

Gary Cooper in High Noon

There must be a grant from a government group, a private corporation, there must be someone else. There is but one person, you can command, and that one is yourself.

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