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I came home knowing my father wouldn't live long. I wanted to express our family's love for those we have shared life with for so long.

A Thank You to Smithshire Methodist and our Community


I wanted to write a note to express our family’s appreciation for all the kindness and prayers over the years, as well as, now. We have such a bond with everyone in this church and everyone in Smithshire.  We have worked together, played together, eaten together; Erik and Alex being Davis’s always liked the eating part. We have shared in each other’s joys, and wept for each other’s sorrows.  I met someone recently whose mother had grown up in Smithshire and his grandparents had lived here a long time; I said being from Smithshire was like being part of an exclusive club. I think I enjoyed working together in this church more than any other thing when I was a boy.  It is here I learned so many lessons of life. There was always a real joy of labor when roofing, preparing a meal, or otherwise trying to maintain some aspect of church life in this community.  An early memory of mine is of my grandfather Harry on the ground between the floor joists as the church was being remodeled.

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