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Cmas letter 2009

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Yes once again a Christmas letter, I know it may have been decades since I last wrote a letter. I started many times, even wrote ones that were never sent.  So why now after years of being left in peace in the season of peace, would I want to destroy your holiday? (sorry Bill O’Reilly) It is the end times, yes it is. The Mayan Calendar has predicted it; when I was in college those glyphs were just intriguing patterns. Now, overly clever and industrious academics can translate all sorts of hieroglyphics, absolute proof that all this scientific tinkering is just out to destroy our blissful ignorance.  Did you know some of the hieroglyphics are just gibberish,

Nancy feels Christmas when all the decorations are out

on the last built not the earliest buildings; apparently they had lost the ability to read their language and were just making decorations, out of habit or superstition(oh the joys of spell check - I would have misspelled gibberish, g not j). I am not sure this isn’t beginning to happen today.  I watch far too many pundits on the TV device.  I am so thankful for HDTV, it is so difficult to appreciate CSPAN without full wrinkle density and creative hair designs in high def. DC’s only solutions for scarcity seem to be to hide hair absence. 

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