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Pere Marquette

Illinois' Native America Past


sunset river

Nauvoo IL an easy drive from Elmwood

Spring Mill

Spring Mill Indiana

oak leaves

Central Park Trees

Treebeard's Prophecy

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Illinois Native American Tour

Dickson Mounds State Museum is only 40 miles from Elmwood. This could be an easy day trip a great place for a picnic lunch. If you want a longer trip and your interest in Native American cultures is just getting started you will want to continue on to Cahokia in Illinois east of St Louis, MO.


Nauvoo Illinois a Good Trip

If you are in Elmwood and would like to take an easy trip just before school takes off again. I want to make a couple of suggestions. First is to Nauvoo IL a day trip, a camping trip, or if you prefer real beds and real bathrooms there are many choices for lodging. ...


Today's quirky thing I found is this video on you tube, it lasts for 4 minutes and thirty seconds. It of a deep sea squid-octopus thing. It is an amazing creature.


Vampire Squid

Spring Mill

Indiana's Spring Mill built in 1818

A Beautiful Valley

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