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Modern Dilemma

--- What to do when StudMoose wants to be your friend

All of our Internet applications want to connect with each other. From CNN to Jenny Craig to Nightlife in Las Vegas all these sites want you to log in with your Facebook identity. Actually I do not know if Jenny Craig has a log in and I just made up Las Vegas Nightlife. An exaggeration, not a lie (Spock -- Star Trek II). I have never been to Las Vegas, of course Googling Las Vegas Nightlife might prove interesting. The new media world allows us to self-segregate, by interest. I can read only right wing blogs, I can watch only outdoor television, I can listen to Christian radio, and I can never share in the national moment as we used to in the past. Two trends pulling at each other; the tendency to exist apart and every innovation sharing our lives online. Etiquette used to advise never to discuss religion or politics in a social setting. I have found I want Facebook to be social, I want friends and family to connect with me, see photos, hear about where I travel, tell me about their kids. I want everyone to be able to find me, unless they are trying to scam me or misuse my photos or information.

A Social Networking Phenomena

I do not want to be a social network version of Sybil. I do want to interact with people online as I do in person. In an open, friendly, sincerely interested in meeting you as a human being type of interaction. I try to keep Facebook friendly. I have intentionally backed away from religion and politics, I am who I am, but I am not trying to proselytize. I hope I am polite. I do not think I am anonymous, online. Hiding behind a screen name, you may think you are anonymous when you join discussion forums -

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