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Good Family Trips

I make suggestions and publish several related links in my notes, so that in trying to plan a family trip you can find places or activities to interest everyone. I hope to allow you to plan an affordable and pleasurable trip for your family. Our family has found sometimes it works well, not to drag everyone to every excursion on a family vacation. So as I write about battlefield trips of the American Civil War, I have some advice don't make your wife or four year old walk every acre of Gettysburg. Erik, Alex, and I would walk every preserved battlefield of the Civil War. Nancy would rather not walk every one. Nancy is happy on a trip to find a relaxing place to read a book, preferably at a beach, while my sons and I go looking at the fields we have read about in history books. Sometimes playing in a park or swimming pool can be the best part of a trip for small children. If you can allow kids time just to be themselves, it will make your time trip a great experience for everyone.

Pere Marquette

I am writing about trips to Lincoln sites, I intended to do this last June, a tornado delayed the effort. I did get to sing patriotic songs at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. I love being able to have performed the Battle Hymn of the Republic in this memorial to our great Civil War president. In 1856 Walt Whitman wrote: "I would be much pleased to see some heroic, shrewd, fully-informed, healthy-bodied, middle-aged, beard-faced American blacksmith or boatman come down from the West across the Alleghanies, and walk into the Presidency, dressed in a clean suit of working attire, and with the tan all over his face, breast, and arms; I would certainly vote for that sort of man, possessing the due requirements, before any other candidate." Lincoln fitted the description although didn't grow the beard until after the election.

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A Lincoln Trips

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Hotel Lynn Biggsville IL

Fall Color Trip - Northeast Iowa and Southwest Wisconsin

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Illinois' Native America Past - Cahokia Mounds

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Nauvoo IL an easy drive from Elmwood

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