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Political Opinion, informed and otherwise

I am always open to a dissenting opinion. I try to present a fact based discussion in my essays. I believe the solutions are in our hands. We have the tools, if we decide to use them. If you have a response e-mail me. The Steve

Current essential reads, or interviews that need listening.

David Cay Johnston
Divided: The Perils of Our Growing Inequality

Rick Perlstein
The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan

Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein
Let's Just Say It, the Republicans are the Problem
Washington Post - NPR Interview
It's Even Worse than it Looks

Robert Draper
Do Not Ask What Good We Do

Jonathan Haidt
The Righteous Mind - Why won't they listen? - Cspan Video

Nicholas Shaxson Where the Money Lies


Suggestions for political reform my latest politcal essays.

Hillbilly Secession -- Make the Majority the Majority -- Start Anew

Awakening -- Brand Name

PJ Star Version, Illinois the Abused Spouse

WOMMs (White Old Married Males) -- Corrupt as Madoff

Return of the Whigs -- A New Path after the Fall

Who to Blame? -- Orlando Shootings

Reality Not Allowed -- Illinois Budget Mess

Take them in detail:  Trump the wizard of celebrity

An Intervention with GOP friends

Hey Hill:

The Free Economy -- A Dismal Myth

Schock Saga

No One Listens to Zathras

Vote 2014 ---- Captain Planet

Path not Taken

email to Messina ---- A Visit with Abe

A Theory of Wealth


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