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Browning Gun Shop one of many restored building in modern day Nauvoo Illinois.

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A Nauvoo Update 5/22/11 (photos)


If you are in Elmwood and would like to take an easy trip just before school takes off again. I want to make a couple of suggestions. First is to Nauvoo IL a day trip, a camping trip, or if you prefer real beds and real bathrooms there are many choices for lodging. Nauvoo was laid out by Joseph Smith, Mormon prophet, it was a booming city in the 1840's. It growth to about 12,000 by 1845 caused it to rival Chicago's then 15,000. The rapid growth, theocratic control of city government, practice of polygamy, prejudice, and political manipulation in state government all led to tensions with the Mormon and non Mormon populations. Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were murdered in the Carthage Jail in by a mob in 1844.


Reconstructed temple in Nauvoo

Brigham Young came to lead the majority of Smith's followers. Continued attacks on Mormons lead to the long journey to Utah in 1846. The temple was destroyed by arson in 1848. The modern day Church of Latter Day Saints has invested great resources in recreating the 1840's Nauvoo. Many interpreters are on Mormon missions, although very committed they try not to proselytize. ....

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