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Browning Gun Shop one of many restored building in modern day Nauvoo Illinois.

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Nauvoo Update 5/22/11

I went back to Nauvoo last Sunday, as part of a family birthday outing. Splitting the days between Erik's and my birthday Sunday was a good day for a dual celebration. The predicted and much ballyhooed end of the world had not happened so we could enjoy the day in a family celebration. We went mainly to eat. I was able to take a few photos before leaving, in spite of Erik's complaints about stacks of student papers yet to grade.

We ate at the Hotel Nauvoo which is the best known and longest running restaurant in Nauvoo. It has an extensive buffet on Sundays.

Hotel Navuoo IL

The main building dates back to 1841; current operators of the hotel have been running this establishment since 1948.

Hotel Nauvoo Illinois

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