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Please Act Like an Adult:

I support an income tax increase because without it our budget crisis cannot be solved.  I do not support revenue increases from expanded gambling and other methods that prey upon the poor. Cutting teachers, community agencies, and other employment related state activities simply make our state’s economic conditions worse, Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz recently mentioned Illinois as an example of being foolish with proposed budget cuts. We need simple honesty from everyone, although most hide from reality to justify their ridiculous claims.


Self-delusion is the only explanation for Bill Brady’s proposals, Republican candidate for Governor. He proposed a 10% across the board cut, which he admits would fall far short of solving the budget problem.  He rules out any tax increases and starts a rambling dialog of nonsense “You can't cut yourself out of the $10 to $13 billion [deficit] that they've accumulated … over the last eight years. So what we have to do is we have to reconcile ourselves into a budget that's not just balanced but has a surplus so that we can begin paying down the backlog of unpaid bills that are referred to as the $13 billion deficit.”  He also likes to talk about constructing and reconstructing the state budget. A deck of cards that is missing four cards, is always four cards short no matter how you shuffle it.

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