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Still - United Yet Separate


Yes I’m Still here, I’m Still at my job, I’m Still married, I’m Still waiting. One sense of still is perseverance or endurance. If the word still is said with a certain inflection, it can indicate an emotion of determination, acquiescence, resignation, or impatience.  As with many words especially short ones, one word can hold many meanings. Last Sunday we sang the song “Still” written by Reuben Morgan the lyrics use still in two or three meanings.  It means still, in contrast to the storm, after the storm it was so still. It means still, to become quiet or calm, I stilled my thoughts and prayed. It means still as in enduring, after many years I returned and the tree I planted was still there.  I have found it a powerful and moving song. It has been floating around my mind as I did other things this week. One of my tasks was to prepare for the marriage encounter group meeting at our home on Saturday. I write a short reflection for these meetings when we are hosts. This week still has become the unifying theme in my life.

Reuben Morgan

Reuben Morgan

I have been trying to unify my life for the past two or three years. I have sought to turn the many roles and phases of Steve into a unity, The Steve, as my sons have jokingly named me. Many life events have caused me to reflect, reassess, all the re-stuff: re-do, re-new, re-pent? Well, only a little repentance.


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