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I started this web site to help my fellow Forgottonians express themselves. I hope it allows those distant from our land to be touched by the spirit of our prairies, hills, and streams. Although the Forgottonia movement was started as a publicity stunt to bring development projects to Forgottonia; we are remarkably resistant to development. Our lack of refinement, our underdevelopment is an essential ingredient of our charm. We prefer to remain the shy and quiet child unnoticed by the world ....

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ForgottoniaThis is the Forgottonia Publicity Photo, pictured is Neal Gamm, the Governor of Forgottonia. Read a farewell to Neal Gamm by Terry Bibo Gone but not Forgottonia. Forgottonia a concept to protest the lack of attention Western Illinois received from state and federal governments. The name Forgottonia captures an image of a region off the beaten path, which is very true of Western Illinois. I am guessing the bridge spanned Crooked Creek (LaMoine River); there were many such bridges in use at the time, circa 1972.

The Counties of Forgottonia

Adams (Quincy), Brown (Mt. Sterling), Calhoun (Hardin), Cass (Beardstown), Fulton (Lewistown), Hancock (Carthage), Henderson (Oquawka), Knox (Galesburg), McDonough (Macomb), Morgan (Jacksonville), Pike (Pittsfield), Schuyler (Rushville), Scott (Winchester), and Warren (Monmouth).