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Mr. Schock -- Theory of Wealth - Table of Contents

Main draft complete June 6, 2012

1) Mummer's Farce the Debt Crisis

2) Beyond Labels Made Meaningless

3) Not a Golden Age of Statesmen

4) Owning the Game the Corporate Way

5) The Immune Response of Politics

6) New Dynamics of a New Age

7) Wealth an Evolution

8) Habitat for the Future

After the Cuban Missile Crisis both sides sobered, but we are crazier, now

Following the debt limit farce Congressman Aaron Schock came to Elmwood for the August 29th, 2011 town hall. I thought a fact based discussion and real solutions might be sought in the aftermath of the debt limit debacle. I didn't have a lot of faith in our process, but foolishly I like to believe, hope, pray? So negotiations to craft a compromise failed and we have automatic cuts scheduled to take effect at the end of the year. Yet today, the House GOP is releasing a sequel, debt debacle redux.

From Sam Stein May 16, 2012 -""As long as I’m around here, I’m not going to allow a debt-ceiling increase without doing something serious about the debt," said Boehner.

For those who survived last summer's negotiations, the notion that any party would willingly relive those tense weeks is insane. While more than a trillion dollars in spending reductions were achieved (with a trillion-plus more in combined defense, entitlement and discretionary spending cuts set to be triggered at the end of this year), it was not without immense political cost."

GOP Debt Limit Bomb

Please Mr. Cantor, I know you want to be Speaker, but I worry about my kids.

After reading about the inauguration day cabal to undermine Obama (Robert Draper Do Not Ask What Good We Do), McConnell's making Obama a one term President is my number one priority, and how fact based arguments are repelled by the righteous mind. (Jonathan Haidt The Righteous Mind - Why won't they listen?) I have decided against the detailed explanation of how to develop solutions, not senseless talking points, illustrated by historical examples of policy, predictions and the consequences. Those who are ruled by an ideological mind-set only add data, historical reference, and citation as adornment. A clear demonstration of logic, fact, and documented sources would be a waste of my efforts. Yes, it is time to tack this rhetorical ship. People like Congressman Schock will only respond to power or the perception of a path to power.

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