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Elmwood Where to Eat

Toot's Treats - 608 W Main (309)742-8668

Toots Treats Elmwood IL Facebook

Sandwiches -- Frozen Yogurt and Soft Serve Ice Cream


Hick'ry Stick --- 118 East Main St - (309)742-8900

Hickory Stick Elmwood IL

My Favorites: Great Ribs, Memphis-Style Pulled Pork, Smoked Chicken, and Green Beans Facebook --- Web Site

W G Campbell: ... Hick'ry Stick for their Sat. brunch anytime from 10am:2pm. I just had the most mouthwatering, fall off the bone ribs, pulled pork with Ron's great fresh baked rolls. There is the whole breakfast bit but the gravy and mashed potatoes are deeeelicious. Top is all off with delicious bread pudding with a vanilla rum sauce (or I like carmel over mine) Float it down with ice tea and if you are an old geezer like I am it will be a mere $11.47 --- Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Crusens --- 118 South Magnolia St - (309)742-2100

Crusens Elmwood Illinois

My Favorites: "The Big Steve" burger, of course, Philly wrap, Wings, and homemade potato chips Facebook


Uptown Cafe --- 112 North Magnolia St - (309)742-4500

Uptown Cafe Elmwood

My Favorites: Burger and Fries, Grilled Chicken, and 2 Eggs- Bacon - & Toast W G Campbell: ... the uptown for family restaurant cuisine and great service. Shawn and Rita and crew have a nice place going. Get a loaf of the bread made by the Monks at Monisterry in Bartonville --- Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Almost in Elmwood

The Roadhouse --- - 4903 N Stone School RD -- Sally and Scott Selman 309 742-2111 My Favorites: grilled marinated turkey strips, grilled pork chop, flaky pie crusts Facebook

Roadhouse Elmwood IL Stone School
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Yates City Deli & Bakery --- - 101 E Main St, Yates City, IL

Yates City IL Deli Pumphrey

John and Gwen Pumphrey -- 309 358-1110 My Favorites: grilled chicken salad, hot beef sandwich, great pies and sweet rolls

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