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Tarps Over Elmwood  

Many fail too realize the struggles faced by a business, especially small individual businesses trying to control costs by doing more things for themselves. I keep trying to follow the businesses' progress. I want to be there to celebrate the reopening. I want to encourage and promote the recovery of our local businesses as much as the restoration of a building. Our community won't benefit from newly rebuilt. but still empty buildings. We need an economic plan, a plan of active recruitment of new business entities to come to Elmwood.


Activity and Emptiness

Read through the survey results and ask yourself, how to make the suggested activity in Elmwood work as a profitable business. Often we look around at each other in our small towns and think we are competing with each other. We are all in this together. We are competing against other entities away from Elmwood. I don't mean to pick on Walmart, but it is an example we all understand. Who in Elmwood's business community competes against a Walmart: our grocery store, hardware store, pharmacy, the old fair store, and our florist. I think you get the idea. It is important to work in cooperation to make our local businesses more profitable.


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