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Fractious Nation

The final days of the health care debate have brought out the demons in the words of Louis Gohmert Republican Congressman from Texas. 


From Tyler Texas, Mr. Gohmert's most amusing comment on healthcare was "you could pass this bill if you could eat it". He made the demon statements at a Kill the Bill rally last weekend.

One would hope when finding ways to provide access to health care for all Americans the discussion would have brought out the better angels of our nature, those immortal words of Lincoln.  Of course, what began as a debate turned into a riot. The GOP spurned a bipartisan outreach, seeking the politics of 1994. Fox News and wingnut radio fanned the flames of discontent.  Once the flames got started the right wing talking heads turned on the fire hoses of gasoline.
It became apparent that the GOP Senators were only foot dragging; the chief negotiators made statements they wouldn’t vote for any bill.  This ended any hope of a bipartisan effort. At this point, only Obama and conservative Democratic Senators wanted a bipartisan approach.


Senator Grassley wouldn’t correct a Tea Bag protestor at a town hall; his words only escalated the death panel myth.

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