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I wrote this letter and mailed some cards. It was written for those who ignore my online presence. Don't you wish you were like these antiquarians?

Year 2016

A quick just the facts (you can silently add the Ma’am ) of year 2016.  I hope you are well; I am sure you are older. I had a startling revelation the other day. It was on Facebook, unfortunately too many things are posted on Facebook. Most Facebook posts are not startling or important; most posts are pictures of food or cats. Billions are on Facebook, but many of you are not, which is why I am sending you a card. Back to the startling revelation I found on Facebook. Facebook is always reminding me of other people’s birthdays, it will also remind me of my own. I may be finding this useful because I was urged to wish an old classmate a happy birthday. A classmate, who was in my first grade class, was turning, phasing into, somehow transported to their sixty-fifth birthday, 65.  Say it slowly 6 and 5. I have a theory their parents held them back until they were 15 years old; it would explain why my classmates were so superior to me in crafts, sports, and worldliness. This is just an opinion, but in 2016 opinion Trumps facts and science. I will choose to believe it is true until the end of May.


Laura & Erik wedding July 9, 2016

What happened in the Davis family in 2016. Erik our oldest son turned 30 and married Laura Stewart in July. They bought a house in Princeville IL she is a guidance counselor at IVC high school in Chillicothe IL. Erik is an English and history teacher in Elmwood IL It was a wonderful event. They adopted a rescue dog (Reggie) who I now have to walk while Erik is teaching.


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