July 4, 2016

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My Best Guidance not Advice

Erik and Laura, you have begun a journey. I cannot anticipate what you will encounter. I can only offer an overview of what matters to me.

I have found many important things, those seemingly must-have things are not so important. Many things will not matter much when the years before you are far shorter than the years you have put in the past. 

Many people aspire to a big new house, but a big house will not make you happy. If you are not already happy in your life, new things never satisfy.

If at the end of life we are to meet God face to face, what will I tell of my life?

If I have had a big house, would God’s question be, “did I use it to take in the homeless?” Maybe someone would offer God their golf skills – “I was the best golfer at the country club”, or if not such a good golfer, “I had the best cart.” Many people worship Sunday mornings on golf courses, God probably loves golf.

Family 2015

L-R: Gertrude, Winifred backrow Steve, Nancy, Laura, Erik

God may be impressed that I have the fastest sports car of anyone in our congregation; this is actually true. -- Surely that defines a life well lived. 

None of these claims or aspirations seems worthy of God; it will make for an awkward face-to-face.

When two people get married there is much talk of love. Love is not some inalienable right; love is like a talent or a muscle. A musician may have talent but it requires practice and it must be shared. A muscle is strengthened by exercise; it thickens and gains flexibility by being used. Love also must be exercised, practiced, and shared.

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