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Saturday Charred Chicken Tortilla Soup

Prior to preparing this unique dish, you need to establish a proper mindset as I did this Saturday morning. These are the layers of thoughts flowing necessary to achieve a spectacular result. Be aware of your plan for today’s schedule; be vaguely aware this is somewhat in conflict with your wife’s plan. Knowing that today’s plan includes helping future daughter-in-law move a few things, also purchasing new sheets for the new bed (grandmothers shower gift), a bed recently delivered to the new house, which is actually a very old house. Knowing that there will be no heavy lifting today and moving mostly involves driving and shopping. Laying out your idea of today’s schedule in the morning then going back to work. I am doing my slide prep work. Nancy may think I should have been done yesterday. Wives are most annoying when there is a small basis of truth behind their thinking. Now, I become deeply involved in searching for photos to add to announcement slides. When Nancy asks, “Are you done?” Obviously I am not, answer in too brusque a voice No!

Soup Label

Starting Point

She now wants me to leave. Realizing she is still on her plan.  I shut down a hundred windows and apps head to brush teeth and shave. I am coming out headed to take a shower.  Why did I not stay in bathroom to take a shower? I use bathroom in my bedroom, but the corner shower is too narrow I bang my elbows into the walls when I turn around or wash my hair. Yes, it takes the availability of two bathrooms for me to prepare to leave my dwelling.  I am queried as to what I am doing, another action I thought obvious from general observation. The serious countenance demands answer, I say, “taking a shower.”  Apparently this tips the time scale of meeting someone or doing something to past due. A time commitment I am unaware of. I am made to perceive a new reality. We have grown so old together; she no longer notices my unshaved face or odiferous body. Absence may make a heart grow fonder, but presence must make it immune to observation, dulled to the offended senses. She has to leave; we part without fond embrace or idle pleasantries.



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