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Mr. Schock -- a Theory of Wealth

It will happen eventually if left outside the current party system of politics. The many failing attempts, Coffee Party, Americans Elect, Move On, etc. are all part of a natural evolution in the development of an effective system. It is unlikely to happen in the Tea Party owned GOP, until a complete collapse in national elections and a new party rises from the chaos of the civil war. Why would they give up on the money and manipulation game that has been so successful for them?

I just got my latest dispatch from Congressman Schock. In this this e-mail he is touting accomplishments. In spite of the fact that almost everyone recognizes nothing is being accomplished. Passing legislation is his message, but nothing is passed unless by both Houses and signed into law. They have passed nothing in the real sense, but political theater is the goal. Placating the extremes and seeking power is the only goal. Am I in a dialog with my Congressman, absolutely not. Who is in a dialog with my Congressman, the heads of Caterpillar, party leaders, big donor extremist pacs, maybe his parents. The system is all about a pretense of communication. The system is about to change, in historical terms quickly, as people continue to suffer in a needlessly faltering economy change will move at a glacier's pace.

Congressman Schock promises that they will continue throughout the summer with their successful approach. In other words we think that we can manipulate enough voters to stay in power and get by the November election. Mr. Schock actually publicly touted a transportation bill he was working on before coming back into session in January. The Tea Party derailed his effort in the House. The Senate did pass a bipartisan transportation bill. It was not brought up for a vote in the House. Why, it would have passed and been signed into law. An accomplishment, not a great accomplishment, really an easy legislative achievement, but an accomplishment. It could not be passed because it would have had majority Democratic votes. The House GOP will continue to brag at the coffee shop while the rest of the crew waits at the construction site ready to begin. We have given up on doing even what common sense would dictate, what in normal times is bipartisan. We are losing any chance at growth and recovery, but Aaron Schock is so pleased with his House GOP's accomplishments. Click for explanations and links to Moody Report.

2 million jobs ignored

Read about the effect of the bill House GOP denied a vote and see bigger graphs.

Enough with the dysfunction, on to the future

The basis of this change in society is that a better informed person makes a better decision. Sometimes this is not true, but we are discussing the collective mind. Information is so much more available to us as we walk, talk, sip, drive, sit, whether at work and at rest. Information is flooding at us, some tools will be refined or new ones created to better manage this deluge of information. It will be more and more applied to real things in our daily lives. This is where I have faith in the ingenuity of creative minds, whose developments will begin bubbling through the information flood like carbonation. Information management will become as common as Coca Cola. Newspapers are facing the great consequence of changes in the information age, politics is about to be changed even more dramatically. If information makes the constituency unable to be manipulated, our politics will change. Undue influence on policy by power interests cause our economic inefficiencies. Inefficiency caused by special interests are responsible for our current economic crisis.

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