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When set adrift fear floats along, so the grifters of talk radio, interest groups, and media outlets played upon those fears. The claims became wilder less grounded in reality but believed by the core group. The Tea Party believes it is a majority in America; it is not. Even a good Tea Party candidate will never get more than 28% of an electorate. If you believed the President was a foreigner, government was coming to put you in FEMA camps, kill your grandma, take your guns and fishing rods, you would stand up and scream about it, too. 

Bachman Beck

Michele Bachman from MN 6th and Glen Beck of Fox News

So this weekend it all melted down. Those few die-hard Tea’ers in Washington DC, outnumbered by the all but ignored war protestors on Saturday, an even larger immigration rally on Sunday, were left only to their prejudices. Congressmen, spit upon, called niggers and faggots, facing hate shouted towards them in a style not heard since the 1960’s. Jimmy Carter pointed out some hate Obama’s race; he was attacked with a logic like that used by defenders of the Southern cause. Most Confederates were not slave owners, OK; not all Tea’ers are racist bigots, but some are. The fact that not all Confederates were slave owners didn’t mean slavery wasn’t the cause of the Civil War. The fact that not all Tea’ers are racist doesn’t mean racism isn’t a catalyst for the movement. 


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