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Mr. Schock -- a Theory of Wealth

Tanker loads of money, win elections, ignore the interests of the people, seek big money, ad infinitum. This is how it is, as we put the first decade of the 21st Century behind us. The money system falls apart when the people decide power resides with themselves. The people will then demand politicians enter a dialog with their constituency. Negative talking point ads will only have the role as fodder for late night comedy or viral videos. When people connect themselves to each other and directly as self governed groups to their elected officials, they will see themselves as the reservoir of power. When they vote in accord with their informed networks, they will be the reservoir of power.

Why will connecting people with their elected officials usher in an era of economics based on American Pragmatism? If our connections and interactions can be effective in influencing politics, the overall belief system of the American people will shape it in their own image. Americans believe in free enterprise, but not laissez-faire capitalism. It is the influence of money that is fueling the current GOP war on regulation. Americans idolize the idea of the Mom and Pop shop, the small business owner, the family farmer, but our policies and laws are influenced to benefit the large corporation at the expense of all these icons of American politics.

Tea Party Hypocrisy

Of course direct deposit is the new method of disbursement

The elite right continually assigns a term to America, claiming we are a center-right nation. Modern politics has made such terms squishy to the point of splurting in every direction. The extremism of the Tea Party has made a center right politician unacceptable in the GOP/Tea Party. Anyone near the center is scorned as a leftist, past bipartisan progressive policy called socialism. As much as the power brokers of the Tea Party want to deny it, their protest movement did have people demanding to keep government out of their medicare. I heard them on Cspan in town halls. Americans for the most part are not left or right, they want a government that works. They fully recognize something is dysfunctional, now.

The antibodies are mobilizing to cure our dysfunction.

The influence of the new age is evident in the Rush response, when the Limbvette lost control on the dangerous curve of women's sexuality the new connected world made themselves felt. Sponsors ran for the exits, from the acknowledged monster of the midway. When the misdeeds of ALEC began to be exposed corporations ended support. Joe Ricketts super-pac had a victory in Nebraska propelling the least likely winner to victory in the Senate primary, but a power broker turned to a political pauper, overnight. A race-baiting ad never shown, will have son Tom Ricketts (Cubs owner) in a friendly discussion with Rahm Emmanuel. The Ricketts company TD Ameritrade is cautious and skid-ish. A new system of information will evolve where trusted sources can mobilize attention and effect policy. Direct effects by individuals focusing the new tools on our government is the next step.

Amazon is a great example of how customers are in a better market position in today's world. A wide range of products with descriptions, technical specs, and customer feedback reviews. It is easy to become an informed consumer. No matter your remote geographical location it can be shipped to you, or downloaded directly. Amazon (all online retailers) should pay a national sales tax distributed to each customer's state. This would improve an unfair system of taxation. Adapting to change is required. Customers are more empowered because of Internet tools, voters can be as well. This would end our government paralysis if people's voices were effective in the political process. People want compromise, a majority agreeing to something, a government that puts efficiency above all else. It will happen quickly if the national parties wake up to the possibilities, especially the Democrats.

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