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Vote 2014: Young People will Lose the Most

My son was asked by local Representative Cheri Bustos' Campaign to write a letter to local newspapers. He was busy grading papers at end of the quarter, so he asked me to do a draft. He would then edit it and rephrase letter to suit his message. Here is the unvarnished draft without any of his fancy English teachering skills to fix errors.

Cheri Bustos Campaign

Cheri Bustos

Cheri Bustos seeking reelection against Tea Party House member she defeated in 2012

Dear Editor:

I am writing to all your readers especially young adults like myself.  We will live with the consequences of our current politics. The politics of dysfunction are creating a poorer economy, a more polluted world, and a society more violent without equal rights. We cannot afford to have people in Congress who deny facts, pretend ignorance, and appeal to prejudice. Politics is awash with money spent mostly to turn off voters. The ads are negative and misleading; they do nothing to aid voters in an open debate.  Wealthy interests fund the Republican Party. These policies would destroy our planet’s environment, deny people equality, and continue dysfunction.

As a teacher I work with high school students. I know their potential and I commit myself to help them be better citizens. My fellow 20 somethings need to take the first step to make a better world, we should all vote. Everyone in Illinois’ 17th Congressional district should vote for Cheri Bustos. It is a simple choice if you want to improve our world and not put science deniers who support policies of prejudice in power.  I know how hard working and talented our younger generation is we deserve a future with real potential – Please support Cheri Bustos

Erik Davis
Galesburg IL

Davis Boys

Erik in middle (Fathers Day 2014) with damaged thumb. A moving accident he sustained, as he moved for new job in Elmwood.

My other son Alex on right, home from St Louis where he is in law school.

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