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Fractious Nation

They are people set adrift, in a future shock sense. They know society is changing; they do not believe the change is good for them.  They put an unfounded faith in W, Delay, and the GOP in general.  After the 2000 election they had it all: faith based, fundamental, red meat conservatism held complete sway.  There was no dissent, no doubt, and no debate. The result was a financial collapse, a gargantuan debt, and a long war that seemed out of control.


Surplus from Clinton Administration turned to deficits and growing debt. Click to Enlarge

These were believers not in a political approach, but in an attitude.  Walmart Nation, Nascar Dads, Religious Right, Libertarians, Real Americans so many names trying to define a new political class. Now, called the Tea Party Movement, it is still a mystery to our political, media, and corporate elites. Tea’ers wanted to be Ditto Heads and they believed in the GOP, Wall Street, corporate America, and evangelical leaders. It didn’t work out: Chinese goods in Walmart, some evangelicals disgraced, retirement accounts reduced or lost, houses foreclosed, failed promises and morals from once trusted politicians. 


The old bromides and bumper sticker slogans were no longer adequate.

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