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Decades Now, thrice and half

February 13, 2018

(Valentine's Day Reflection)

Far more than by inertia we remain

Nor does passion dominate, inspire the same

A love more tempered, held in deep pools

A quiet flow, not Spring floods

Our practiced touches, looks, and jests

Worn smooth by life’s water crests

Connection now not spontaneous

Must we check our phones?

Still we unite, alone each just a half

Satisfy, assure, affirm pressed calf to calf

Our strongest bonds not forged in joys

Failures, the broke parts,

Mended and knitted unite us

In each other we trust.

Blessings evaporate in a steamy sun

Trials make us one.

Three decades and a half

Wish us another

Would that make you laugh?

I plan to be there, still with you.



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