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No One Listens to Zathras

The geeks will recognize this quote from Babylon 5 "No one, ever listens to poor Zathras, …” Zathras the time traveling behind the scenes Eyore-like worker saving the universe. The geeks know about Babylon 5. The sci-fi bored will not want to hear about its complex plot. I was reminded of the intriguing Zathras character as I once again try to write an essay persuasive enough to revolutionize our nation’s failed politics. I will attempt again as I did after 2010 and 2012.  Even though I recognize the effort will not move our power brokers, they are not really the ones that hold ultimate power. So maybe this year as Democrats feel lost in the parched valley of despair, someone will notice the oasis and the clear path to power that is awaiting us.



‘Oh I am not a Democrat they have let us down so many times’ the oft repeated whine of the purist. The fact is corporate wealth and Tea crazy own the Republican Party. You can participate in seizing the reins of the only other vehicle to power or wander hopelessly in your own desert. Our nation’s seal bears the Latin phrase, e pluribus unum, we have never achieved power as many splintered groups. We can exist as many separate colleges, but we must act as one university. First we must recognize chasing money alone is a failed path for Democrats. We must hit the virtual streets with information, participation, dialog, a practical path to power. The path begins at local levels but leads to the Capitol and the White House.

It may surprise you, but we already have the tools. Tools, we have yet to learn to use in an effective way to move politics to a higher plane. We who believe in saving the planet, respecting human dignity, prosperity policies over austerity impoverishment, and full democratic participation must unite. We must do so in interconnected networks. Networks based on each congressional district. We can control the federal government, if we do.

Let me explain how this can happen by 2016.  I offer you no less than an assured path to the next stage, an evolution of American politics. Yes, that significant, as President Obama once invited Gov. Romney “please proceed”.

“No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for.”

The first rule of power is not money; it is the will of the people. This is true even of authoritarian regimes when the tipping point of the majority say no more, the walls fall down. Our politics are all about money, but voters still hold the ultimate power. Money has distorted the number of voters. Money spins the voter’s collective narratives of our government, our politicians, and our belief systems. The current power structure of the Democratic Party and its allies all try to compete in raising money. The access to small donations in combination with big donor dollars has allowed them to compete. Compete as in a close second; there is always enough dark money to outspend Democrats. Even in races where Democrats achieve to out raise the GOP/Tea through normal legal campaign donations the outside PACs and secret funds always outspend them. The truth is we really can’t compete with money. The more pertinent question is how to win election after election? The answer isn’t seeking more money.

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