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The Free Economy – a dismal myth

January 29, 2016

Snow silently slips to the ground, soft steady snow. In the preceding days it has been predicted, analyzed, and anticipated; and now it is happening. It did not come with a noisy and windy storm simply a quiet steady downfall. It has been going on for hours and now time has slipped into the next day. It is so beautiful a free gift from the heavens. Once it ends reality has changed, winds will come creating huge drifts. Road crews will be obstructed by the foolish who stuck their cars in the roadways. Power will be lost, temperatures will drop, and the free gift of heavens now becomes a threat. The new reality is an economic boon to some: the snow removal business, snow blower and snowmobile sales. The new reality is a lost economic opportunity for some businesses. The reality is an additional cost for cities and counties, and consumers. It is no ones’ fault; blame can only be attached to those who ignored the warnings. The reality is here, but in our world of ebbs and flows it will swing to warmth and melt away. The reality will again be forgotten the lessons again unheeded as people now complain of how hot it is. It is human nature to see what surrounds us now and not believe it can or will change.

Snowy Road

Silently slowly reality has changed around us

Here we are in a winter of economic discontent thinking it will last forever. We are trapped in perpetual cabin fever unreasonably paranoid of scarcity while surrounded by abundant necessities. Our economic condition is like the winter storm changing our perception of reality. Free is the factor in our economy that has like snow trapped us inside a thought bubble of perceived reality. This concept of free has created many paradoxical theories. Conservatives in our political sphere often attack the freeloaders. It is the freeloaders who overburden our welfare and Medicare budgets. It is freeloaders on social security and those foreign freeloaders getting all that aid who threaten our fiscal stability. In these conservative circles often the aphorism that “Freedom isn’t Free” is an ultimate truth to conclude any discussion. Yet, the fiscal policies proposed and enacted by these political partisans is a belief that it is free; it is all, free. War is free do not budget for it. Do not pay the cost of veterans’ healthcare; it is not a part of the defense budget (it’s like an entitlement). Tax cuts are free; revenues will increase. Campaigns are free the money is not from or controlled by government. None of these beliefs prove to be true; the costs of war both in dollars and human lives will come due. Tax cuts never result in more revenue unless correcting tax code excesses accompanied by ending loopholes (deductions) and increased enforcement measures. The campaigns funded on billionaires’ money have cost the average citizen the opportunity to participate in standing for election – without enormous funding our candidates for the people’s house aren’t worthy of consideration. Free has cost us our democracy.

Tired of being sold a bill of goods - Don Henley album - Cass County "No Thank You"

We hear people talk of the free market or economic freedom. Arguing that the market should be free of government. Our corporate interests have co-opted government to make their markets free of competition, free of taxes, free of labor costs, free of health and environmental costs. ...

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