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Saga of Aaron Schock

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Aaron Schock

Aaron too hot for Havana.

Havana IL, home of the Ducks, not Havana Cuba, home of cigars. Actually, Cuba IL is close to Havana but in the 17th District. Mr. Schock would have great photo ops if he went to Castro's Cuba, tropical settings adorned by classic cars only waiting to be accessorized by Aaron. Mr. Schock was always more of a model than a typical citizen of Peoria. A young and aggressive man in pursuit of an upwardly mobile lifestyle. He had a nice public persona combined with his good looks and unquestionably impressive abs. He was a political climber not a warrior for a cause. His well spoken moderate tone allowed anyone to envision him as the epitome of their desires. Aaron appeared the perfect son or grandson, a wonderful date, a business class conservative, a man with a future. His early election to Peoria school board, then IL legislature, followed by the jump to Congress, earned him a reputation as a political prodigy. Mr. Schock always appeared more impressive as a vote getter than he was in accomplishments. He left each body he served in, while great challenges remained. Mr. Schock solved no problems, he created no coalitions of constructive change. Maybe an expectation of accomplishment is unfair he sought to rise to power in politics. Aaron Schock sought to serve his own desires. Commitment to people and causes can cost you political points, weigh down your image, and undercut your influence. Political warriors take stands, stands undermine career goals. His detractors saw an empty suit, but he was the darling of GOP politics especially the Peoria power set. The national pundit class felt he was invincible in his safe GOP district. I felt he was vulnerable. As the news brought home to everyone his lifestyle and exotic travel locations I knew the right Democrat could win in 2016.

I thought he would fight it out. Of course, I didn't know the extent of potential revelations he would face. I don't know what deal to resign instead of stay for reelection he was offerred. I began to layout a rationale, an organizing theme for a Democratic candidate to win in the 18th district. There is still great opportunity if the GOP allow their Tea to turn a candidate to extremism. Majorities in the district would support policies ascribed to by Democrats or the President, as long as they are not labeled Obama- , liberal, Democratic, or in other ways allowed to be defined by buzz words not substance. Over the weekend I wrote my first outline of a way to fight to represent the real people of the district, not the GOP power brokers. Mr. Schock must have had visons of the pitchforks rising up in Forgottonia, because as I came back from the gym Tuesday to publish and create this section of the website, he had resigned. (Yes, I am fit, but still pudgy, not ab hard. I would not take my shirt off beside Men's Health model Mr. Schock.)

Il 18th

I had hoped we could unite using a modern digital campaign to elect someone who would benefit our land and its people, not the elite power brokers of DC. I had hoped we could do this in the spirit of good old hard work, as I learned working in the hay fields and hay mows of Forgottonia. Old values, new tools, and the willingness to put them together, here is the aborted start.

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