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An Intervention with GOP friends

February 24, 2016

I live in a majority Republican area - the traditional moderate GOP are now going extinct; I decided to appeal to them on Facebook in response to this article on Vox.


Arlingtonbridge to Lincoln

From Arlington bridge to Lincoln

Going to just put this on the Public list -- I have always been a Democrat, my family was, and I find the party more in line with my values. I have always been a minority in the sense, I have always lived where Republicans are the majority. I have worked alongside good Republicans all my life. I am trying to be the friend who has to point out a problem. A person who has an addiction may resent the effort, but I will not be an enabler. So Hey You Republicans - the GOP - the Party of Lincoln you have a problem. It is not Donald Trump he is only taking advantage of your problem, profiting from your addiction. It is time to take a look in the mirror. Trump is clearly headed to the nomination, he may finally trip up, go too far, people may come to their senses, but that hasn't happened to this point. Trump is riding your rage fest to a delegate lead that will soon be insurmountable after Super Tuesday. When a third of the likely nominee's supporters oppose the Emancipation Proclamation or are unsure it was a good action, then how can you be the Party of Lincoln?

Everett Dirksen Time

Ev Dirksen ( marigold man) key laader in civil rights bill

The current Republican Party is good at creating rage, spreading fear and conspiracies, but lousy at governing. You keep telling me you're not racists, but I've seen the posts you like, the memes you share, and the emails you send. All cultural events are complex but racism is a key ingredient in your Tea. You are going to point fingers at the Democrats. It is true they are often awful, just not as awful as your party is at the moment. I never accomplished anything by saying at least I am not as big a sinner as my neighbor, or I worked one iota more than the other guy, -- No, I have only accomplished anything when I learned the job and worked diligently to do it. Folks your party is not doing its job. You have stopped being the Republican Party and have become the Neo-Confederates out to destroy government. I would urge you to either return your party to pragmatism - reality based decision making - and compromise, or go start a new one. Today's GOP is not grand, it does not appeal to the better angels of our nature, it is not the party of Lincoln or Roosevelt or Eisenhower. My hope is you take control of your party, like any addict no one else can do it for you.

You are free to use all those new Facebook response choices, I do not care if you like what I have written. I do pray you reflect on it.


"Praying for Rain" - Don Henley album - Cass County Asking for Rational Discourse

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