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Trump the wizard of celebrity

March 10, 2016

Trump is now a topic people bring up people who usually pay no attention to politics. A sure sign it is time to sell gold is when everyone is talking about the rising price of gold. Maybe we will oversaturate ourselves on Trump, and his doom is riding in from the horizon. The primary in Louisiana is tomorrow. Old Daddy Duck patriarch of the Dynasty of Bearded Good Ole Boys, jumped in the swamp for Cruz. This may be the harbinger of Donald the Doomed. America’s most famous Donald used to be a duck. Polls indicate Trump is securely home in Louisiana as any other migratory fowl wintering in the bayous. The latest poll reports Trump still leads by double digits.  The Donald was more popular in Baton Rogue than the Tigers.  (Now LA election is over and Trump won but Cruz closed – never underestimate the Dynasty of Duck.)  Michigan and Mississippi up Tuesday for the Donald to start driving to the nomination process once again.

Montana Cowboys

The good guys may be just over the next ridge

People seem all astonished at the rise of Trumpism. I do think the actual, how many media euphemisms are there for his manhood, measuring contest with Rubio has hurt his campaign. I suspect especially with women. I am continually surprised by people’s immunity to Trump’s braggadocio buzz. He is simply a ten on the scale of annoying, Trump has followed the Spinal Tap example and made his annoying dials go to eleven. If you need just a little more to make an attack go beyond the pale, he’s ready. First Trump is a master showman, an impresario of the media. He is the crude and tasteless artist that knows exactly what the mass public wants. The Donald is a ratings magnet similar to Hee Haw or Lawrence Welk. These TV shows were continually panned for being unsophisticated but were overwhelmingly popular with American audiences. Trump has simply licensed his brand to the Republican Party. In one sense Trump being Trump is the answer to people’s astonishment over his electoral success. Trump draws so many eyes; the cable news networks treat him like cocaine. Networks claim they are not addicted, but are selling their Rolex to put him on air. There is however a deeper question and it has nothing to do with Trump. How in modern times are our politics in such a state to allow a Donald Trump to dominate the Republican Party?  He is more a persona than person, his policies as shallow as a 2-inch deep reflecting pool. The Donald is someone who understands reality television and how to capture all the attention and this explains Trump. It does not explain the state of America that allows a huckster to be on the verge of grabbing the nomination of Grandpa’s Old Party.

Simpson Mob Run

The Simpsons satire often proving true in real life

How did America come to this state? It starts with the proliferation of polls and an obsession with ratings. There is nothing inherently wrong with polling or with cable news and other political media outlets seeking ratings. Polls are simply indicators of current opinion and seeking ratings is only reaching out to people with information they need. Of course, this not what is happening. Media has latched on to polls like the daily weather forecast putting them out as meaningful measures of future events. Polls are only as good as the methodology, and the elements in a poll are never examined. The ephemeral nature of any poll is not the focus. In seeking ratings our news covers the polls as if they are season records or league standings. In seeking ratings it is only sensible to cover those who top the polls. It becomes circular and self-fulfilling we report the poll, we go to video of those at the top of the poll, we then analyze the race, by quoting the poll. No one analyzes the poll, the nature of polling, or the policies of the candidates. Celebrity is dominant over ...

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