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June 1, 2017

Hillbilly Secession 3

What do you know of explosions? Most of us know what we know from watching TV, movies, or Internet delivered video. Our favorite action blockbusters must have many explosions whether it involves speeding cars or spaceships in the vacuums of the galaxy. Most of us don’t know a lot about real explosives, at least how to create them, deploy them, or defuse them. If you do, I hope your background is in the military, police, or mining. The majority of us know sometimes things explode and no matter the reason it is bad, not the place you want to be. Until the Oklahoma City bomb many didn’t know fertilizer was a powerful ingredient in creating an explosion. Many are surprised to learn how powerful a grain dust explosion can be as the top of a concrete elevator is blown away. Many explosions are controlled used to clear away a structure or material in the way of the project. No matter whether purposeful or an out of control explosion, it cannot occur unless the right ingredients are available. In the political world the right ingredients and atmospheric conditions are now available. We have the ability to implode the rotten structure of our American political system. As rational human beings who believe in planet science and individual rights, we must not let this opportunity pass. We can create a new system of interactive democracy. This system will make government at all levels effective and responsive. We must do this; our very existence, as humans on a healthy world, is at stake. Never have we faced a more existential crisis as Americans and as human beings.

When they blow up a dorm that opened in your freshman year, you feel old --

Individually I may seem as helpless as Captain Kirk fighting the Gorn. However, if we will collectively demand the Democratic Party adopt the digital structure I am about to outline, we can return power to the sane. We will make the extremist GOP a very puny minority. (My sons have grown to love Star Trek, like their Trekkie father, but ridicule the early series’ special effects and this episode in particular. Spoiled CGI brats are what I call them. Star Trek twitter identities are a fun part of #theResistance on Twitter.)  The ingredients to implode the old corrupt system now exist, but the explosion needs to be controlled, organized, and contain a plan for the future system. I am no anarchist, but I believe the individual citizen is the ultimate source of power. We need one person, one vote. Ideally, we need one informed person, one vote with all voters participating. Yes, we are a long ways from that now. How do we get there?


Captian Kirk struggling with the Gorn

Many of you may remember the Obama for America web site. It allowed everyone to create profiles and join interest groups. It was slick all techy current a decade ago. It had an ad hoc purpose to help elect Barrack Obama. We need to modernize and broaden that approach to elect Democrats at all levels in every state. The Democratic Party in all of its affiliations, DCCC, DSCC, DNC and at the state and local level should create a unified web site.  Everyone who considers himself or herself a Democrat should be a member, and the site should be organized by Congressional District. I pitched my idea to local Congresswoman Cheri Bustos. She is a part of the Build the Bench Congressional outreach project.  She was interested requested a proposal of my idea. This what I have sent her office -

Bustos wins Click to read proposal, she requested of me. 

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos, she is a part of the Build the Bench Congressional outreach project.

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