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Making the Majority the Majority 

A Path to Power

November 16, 2016

The election of Trump, with GOP majority control in the House and Senate, and now the Supreme Court is an egregious travesty of American Democracy. A conservative will quickly add, “We are a Republic.”  Our political system is now so manipulated that the voice of the people is a distant and fading echo. If we, and I realize that as this series begins we is essentially me, want the power we must change our approach. The Democratic Party has become a top-down weak sister of the Republican Party. People often try to achieve success by copying their rival when the rival is winning, but success is built from recognizing one’s own talents and special abilities. We need to recognize who we are, see what we have available to us. New tools are available in our information at our fingertip world. We can take back much of the power of our government in two and nearly all in four years. It is urgent that we do this, the climate will not wait, economic inequality and equal opportunity must be addressed, human and individual rights must be reasserted in the face of fear, bigotry, and ideology.  We have come once again to a crisis in American history, where truly “Hell is empty and all the Devils are here.” I will outline pragmatic steps in this series to achieve electoral success. I call this series the Hillbilly Secession. The first essay is "Make the Majority the Majority."

We are in a cold war of American politics now intermixed and interfered with by global opponents. The Republican Party has declared this war. They have seceded from reality, American values, and a commitment to a more perfect union.  They like the New York cotton merchants of 1860 are pledged to profit and power even at the expense of the Union and the broken backs of the slaves. The GOP acquiesces to any immorality, if it retains or gains them power. The Republicans have declared themselves an enemy of the American people, at least nonwhite people. They willingly engage or selectively blind themselves to foreign and corrupt influences.  We do not need a revolution; we do not need to overthrow the system. We need to make use of the tools lying idle and put them to work to take back control of the system.

We are the equal to the politicians of the past with resources they could not imagine.

At another time I will analyze Hillary Clinton’s loss, but now is a time to look forward to energize ourselves in ways that produce results. The only results that count are winning elections. Democrats are in a low state on winning elections. What are not the Democratic Party's deficiencies? A lack of money, a lack of appeal to white working class voters, too few well-heeled strategists directing congressional and presidential campaigns. We suffer losses from an overabundance of top down Democratic political strategists. We are in such a low state because the electorate is disengaged, disillusioned, and discouraged. Turnout hovers barely above 50% of the electorate even in a good turnout year. If we were miners, and in a way we are data miners, then this is where the gold lies. We run outreach similar to the anecdote of looking for our lost car keys under the streetlight. It is not where we lost the keys, but the light is better. Democrats have become good at fundraising emails, narrow model voter forecasts, and not much else. People will come vote when they believe it matters, when they are a part of the dialog, when they know their life will be better if Democrats win.

New Salem 

Do not despair; for what seems humble in the beginning can become a great movement.

Our modern information age allows us every opportunity to do this. ...

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