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Time to overide Rauner our Governor of Ruin

May 3, 2016 -- editoral in Peoria Journal Star - published in Spotlight Column

Let me put my cards face up I am a Democrat; I have been all my life. I can be very frustrated with the inscrutable Speaker Madigan, but I would be ashamed to be a Republican. The first President I remember the “I like Ike” Eisenhower is long gone. In our own Land of Lincoln, the GOP delegation in Springfield would not welcome Old Abe. Trump is sweeping to the nomination. A common phrase from his supporters is that, “he tells it like it is”, but he does not. The claims in his speeches when fact checked are true/mostly true 9% of the time. 30% of the time he falls in the politicians’ sweet spot of half true/mostly false.  His statements are false or outrageously false 60% of the time.(Source Politifact) In today’s Republican Party denying reality, claiming the Illinois River flows north, is telling it like it is. I hold out little hope for our cowardly and cringing politicians who are seeking partisan gain. Their statements are petty gamesmanship blaming the other guy. I do believe an authentic truth can resonant with voters, if it is spoken with clarity and widely heard.


Illinois driving into a economic storm of its own making

Our deficit caused by the income tax cut in 2015 and 2016 will be $10 billion. (Fiscal Report) Leaving our state in no position to address our long-term debt obligations. Governor Rauner is divorced from budget reality. His ideological agenda is destroying our economy. Illinois needs statesmen who can move beyond partisan politics. Representatives Leitch and Moffitt and Senator Sullivan are not seeking reelection that should place them above the partisan gamesmanship. I know these men are of good character. I urge them to construct a two-year budget, invite others who also are not seeking reelection to join with them. Offer to support it. If passed be prepared to override a veto. Our state is suffering in many ways from the current stalemate. Public pressure is needed, but apathy reigns in the electorate. A bi-partisan fact based budget must be presented to every news outlet in an effort to bring reality back to Springfield.  Our information age makes possible an informed and motivated public in this election year. Social media outreach can touch many voters.

Don moffit_-Sullivan

Donald Moffitt -------- David Leitch -------- John Sullivan

The comptroller has put legislators’ salary payments in line with all of Illinois’ creditors, they may be feeling the pinch in driving all over the state in a traditional media campaign. I can offer to drive them; I lack a billionaire’s plane to fly.

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