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Defensive and Defenseless WOMM 

An essay of banal wit, on race, gender, and age

May 20, 2017

I am feeling defensive, in one sense I am defenseless. It seems old white men are under attack, but it is because they have behaved so horribly. The only reason I am feeling defensive is because I am an old white man. I make this statement as a clear-cut a priori assertion. I do have data to back up my claim. I am old, next week I will be sixty-five. I am white, have you seen the enormous quantities of sunscreen I am supposed to use? I am and have always been a man; it is best if we just keep this third assertion, an a priori assertion. Also there is my hair I believe its color is best described as blizzard whiteout or avalanche snow load. I have matured to scheduling haircut appointments every six weeks with a professional hair chopping person. My only other option would be to go full out Gandalf the White. I am not sure, but I believe a woman of color just took a photo of me with her phone. I am in Nordstrom food court, actually the Shoppes at North Bridge, while Nancy amuses herself and I try not to fall asleep. I am guessing she captioned her post, the whitest man in America. 

Shoppes at North Bridge

Urban overload for a mild mannered Forgottonian

When discussing hair and people noticing it I am reminded of the Melissa Harris-Perry’s show where panels had many don’t touch my hair discussions. I do hope someday I get to meet her. I always liked her MSNBC show before corporate heads decided MSNBC needed to be more White and Right. If I did meet Ms. Harris-Perry, in person, I would tell her it was OK to touch my hair. I know, it would give her a moment to laugh. 
I do not understand other people’s hair traits or care regimens. My hair grows and I wash it. When it dries it falls into a semblance of order, and I ignore it. Sometimes, I vigorously shake my head, and it falls back in place, at least to a degree. Here I am in my life journey a fairly fit, reasonably presentable, white haired old man. This is supposed to be the revered elder timeframe. Have you read Proverbs 16:31? “Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness,” Why am I feeling assailed? Unfortunately there is good reason for the assailing too many old men have been acting like loutish oafs. 


Melissa Harris-Perry

Too many old white men are selfish, corrupt, greedy, sex predators, also hypocrites. It would be better, if they were simply narcissistic abusers of power and wealth. They could be like all the early 19th century plantation masters filling their greedy grubby sin grabbing fingers. I would say, a simple case of business malpractice let the court system handle it. It is their practice of preaching and pushing fear and distrust in the public square that has caused the distress.. They have ruined our civil society by setting us at each other’s throats.

They behave with the morals of slave masters. Still they act the part of moral patriarchs sternly pointing fingers of rectitude at others with less power and wealth. Turning us, until we blame the poor and powerless for being infectious parasites in our culture and society. They use their prominence to proclaim Christianity while they are filled with hate and outrage. They use their public privilege to decry moral decline and a loss of family values in our culture while personally abusing their positions of power. I cannot have a simple small Midwestern discussion of “how you doing today”, without being viewed as a potential creep. Something of warning label to any woman I might meet, I am not a creep. I am simply a lovable eccentric. An eccentric who believes life is better when interacting in friendly chats 

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