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Corrupt as Madoff 

One ethical lapse after another

February 8, 2017

As a nation we have moved very far towards an authoritarian state where rule of law is waning. I am not trolling or ridiculing anyone; I am asking everyone to question themselves. Where will you stand? What allows you to ignore actions and events that must trouble everyone, even the most ardent Trump supporter or GOP partisan? Is your outrage so strong that you are moved beyond logic and rational thought?
Our nation nods at behaviors once considered intolerable, either too corrupt or too immoral. I believe many people simply wish to turn away from reality. People quickly run to their favorite partisan bromide. Our government is corrupted by the influence of money. It isn't just liberal women who should be protesting; all our people especially the Tea Party sympathizers should object.  Corruption is running rampant in DC. It seems the swamp has become very welcome real estate.

Low regard for ethics, polluting streams from coal mining, no problem. Requiring nominees not to lie in confirmation hearings, requiring nominees not to be corrupt, requiring nominees to have any subject knowledge or competence, not a concern. Investigating conflicts of interest, security risks, foreign contacts, or illegal executive orders, all remain ignored.


" Simon Cameron of Pennsylvania served as secretary of war in the first year of Lincoln's administration. There has always been some serious question of his integrity. Indeed, Thaddeus Stevens, a Pennsylvania Congressman, is reported to have given his opinion that Cameron would steal anything but a red-hot stove.

This quote has been repeated over the years, recently by no less an authority than Shelby Foote, one of the major contributors to the epic PBS series on the Civil War a few years ago. However, that's not exactly how it happened.

When the statement came to Cameron's ears he, in great dudgeon, complained to President Lincoln. There was not much that Lincoln could do except suggest to Stevens that he might care to say he had been misquoted.

Stevens, a harsh curmudgeon of a man, promptly stated that to keep peace within the party he would be pleased to state that he had indeed been misquoted.

What really had been said, he explained, was that Cameron would steal anything, including a red-hot stove ... Source " Yes Trump and the GOP would the steal the stove; making sure the taxpayer continued to buy the coal and pay rent on the vacant space.

Ask yourself, if Obama had sworn at the national prayer breakfast, falsely claimed there were 5 or 6 million illegal voters, used an unsecured twitter account, presented false claims after a failed raid in Yemen, threatened the Mexican president with invasion, insulted Australia, would the GOP be silent? Reply; give the new president a chance? During Obama's presidency any misstep even fake scandals brought investigations and outrage from the GOP. There is none of that from the same people, now. Why, because Trump won. The GOP in Congress know he brought them victory, they fear the Trump. Such moral weakness is an embarrassment, but a GOP/Tea Party craven for power has no scruples.

Those of you who would object to my statement, which tactic will you use, possibly a red herring, either ad hominem or straw man? When you post your complaints about critics like me, try to be fact based, a quality that eludes Spicer, Conway, Chaffetz, Barasso, McConnell, and Ryan.

Demanding honesty used to cut across partisan lines. In today's low ethical moment each day there is a new lie, exposure of corruption, or attack on constitutional rights. This election has ushered in an oligarchy of moneyed influence.

Top Hat Click to read as published in PJ Star


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